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The MEMS and Sensors Chapter provides a forum for networking, learning and exchanging ideas in a welcoming professional environment.  Our Chapter represents a Joint Sections Chapter of the IEEE Sensors Council (SEN-39) in the Santa Clara Valley (Parent), San Francisco, and Oakland-East Bay Sections.

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  • The Chapter conducts monthly meetings with invited talks by experts from industries and academia.
  • The meetings are open to both IEEE members and non-members.
  • The activities are run by volunteers.
  • The Chapter aims to increase IEEE awareness and IEEE membership.

Topics: Multi-disciplinary coverage of topics including:

  • MEMS and sensor design, modeling, simulation, analysis, materials, processes, characterization, packaging, testing and reliability.
  • MEMS and sensor sub-fields including mechanical sensors, acoustic MEMS, RF MEMS, optical MEMS, bioMEMS and microfluidics.
  • MEMS and sensor applications in automotive, aerospace, biomedical/healthcare, consumer, environmental monitoring, internet of things (IoT), industrial automation, robotics, telecommunications, etc.