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STEP (Student Transition and Elevation Program)
This program was specifically designed to bring together students (mainly Graduate Student Members) and Young Professionals. It aims to introduce members who will soon graduate to what Young Professionals do, and how they can get involved. In order to boost your event’s popularity, think in terms of what can help soon-to-graduate students transition more easily to a professional career.


  • STEP events have to be organized in collaboration with one or more local Student Branches.
  • A minimum of 10 Student or Graduate Student Members should attend your STEP event. Enter their full names, emails and IEEE membership number in the attendance report and mark them clearly. Their membership has to be validated by IEEE staff when your event follow-up materials are reviewed, therefore we have to be able to identify these student members.
  • Events can take any form you like, from lectures, to interactive workshops, or networking sessions.

Maximum amount: $500

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