Meet-ups are meant to engage members and volunteers living in the same geographical location, and enhance their professional networks. Such events can take the form of technical talks, panels, Q&A, followed by networking sessions. If you have identified a large scale event where you can organize a meet-up but are not sure what activities to include, contact us at


  • The main focus is providing networking opportunities, where members can expand their professional networks.
  • Meet-ups should take place in conjunction with large scale events. Conferences or technical congresses, Regional events or cross-Section congresses are all suitable candidates. At such events you can reach a larger audience, and create additional benefits to Young Professionals through attending such events.
  • Meet-ups are meant to be large events. The maximum amount of funding will only be granted to events with 90 attendees or more, where it is also justified by expenses.

Maximum amount: $1,500

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