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2023 IEEE PES General Meeting (Hybrid) SESDC Conference Agenda
2022 IEEE PES General Meeting (Hybrid) SESDC Conference Agenda
2021 PES General Meeting (Virtual)SESDC Working Group Meeting
2020 PES General Meeting (Virtual)> SESDC Working Group Meeting

> Panel: Humanitarian Technologies & Projects

> Panel: Monitoring and Evaluation of Off-grid Energy Systems in Developing Countries

2019 PES General Meeting Atlanta GA, USA> SESDC Schedule: link

> Off-grid Electrical Systems in Developing Countries Tutorial Slides: Contact presenters via email
2018 PES General Meeting Portland OR, USA> Panel Webpage: link

> Working Group Meeting: SESDC_WG Meeting

> Panel Session slides: 2018_SESDC Panel - All presentations
2017 PES General Meeting> PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force Update PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force Update

>PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force - PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force-Barpak Project


Past Meetings


  • PESGM2016_WG_Outline_Presentation slides


  • PESGM2015_1_WG_Outline slides
  • PESGM2015_2_Engagement_Pitch slides
  • PESGM2015_3_EnergyUseTFProposal slides
  • PESGM2015_4_TFProposal_Sustainable Microgrids slidesPESGM2015_5_Presentation_Resilience_Brucoli slides
  • RPESGM2015_6_TFProposal_LastMile_QualityAssurance slides


  • PESGM2014_White Paper_Position_Paper slides