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2022 IEEE PES General Meeting (Hybrid) SESDC Conference Agenda
2021 PES General Meeting (Virtual)SESDC Working Group Meeting
2020 PES General Meeting (Virtual)> SESDC Working Group Meeting

> Panel: Humanitarian Technologies & Projects

> Panel: Monitoring and Evaluation of Off-grid Energy Systems in Developing Countries

2019 PES General Meeting Atlanta GA, USA> SESDC Schedule: link

> Off-grid Electrical Systems in Developing Countries Tutorial Slides: Contact presenters via email
2018 PES General Meeting Portland OR, USA> Panel Webpage: link

> Working Group Meeting: SESDC_WG Meeting

> Panel Session slides: 2018_SESDC Panel - All presentations
2017 PES General Meeting> PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force Update PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force Update

>PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force - PESGM2017_Energy Use Task Force-Barpak Project


Past Meetings


  • PESGM2016_WG_Outline_Presentation slides


  • PESGM2015_1_WG_Outline slides
  • PESGM2015_2_Engagement_Pitch slides
  • PESGM2015_3_EnergyUseTFProposal slides
  • PESGM2015_4_TFProposal_Sustainable Microgrids slidesPESGM2015_5_Presentation_Resilience_Brucoli slides
  • RPESGM2015_6_TFProposal_LastMile_QualityAssurance slides


  • PESGM2014_White Paper_Position_Paper slides