2018 PES Panel

Panel: Standards for Off-grid Developing Community Applications

Wednesday August 8th, 13:00 – 15:00
Room: OC-Portland Ballroom 256

Panel Summary:

Effective rural electrification initiatives, including off-grid solutions, are needed to address the 1.1 billion people in mostly rural communities that are currently living without access to basic electricity services. In developing countries, these efforts currently suffer from lack of standardization, which limits the effectiveness of interventions that are deployed which ultimately results in fewer connected to high quality electricity supply.

The Panel seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What are the current efforts underway to standardize applications in developing communities – including micro-grids, solar home systems, pico-products?
  • What barriers are present, how can they be overcome?
  • What are stakes for nations with significant populations that are not connected or with low tier connections?
  • How can standardization efforts complement/cooperate?
  • What country/regional variations are needed in standards? Do developing countries have a voice in determining standard requirements?

Confirmed Speakers:

Christopher Baker-Brian Co-founder & CTO, BBOXX Lighting Global and Trends in the SHS market

2_SESDC Panel_Christopher Baker-Brian_2

Sarah Aggrey Majok CEO, Sarah Aggrey Consulting Engineers Standardizing DC Microgrids for Rural Electrification

3_SESDC Panel_Sarah Majok

Edward Ian Baring-Gould Wind Technology Deployment Manager, NREL Quality Assurance Framework for Mini-grids

4_SESDC Panel_Baring-Gould

Dr. Jens Boemer Principal Technical Leader, EPRI Opportunities of IEEE Std 1547-2018 for rural electrification with Distributed Energy Resources
Prof Graeme Burt on behalf of
Dr. Abdullah Emhemed
Professor, University of Strathclyde Overview of IEC standards activities on LVDC for electricity access

5_SESDC Panel_Graeme Burt

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