Task Forces

Active task force details are below.  Please contact chair for more information.

Electrification Issues on Native Lands

Chairs: Dr Henry Louie (hlouie@ieee.org), Nirupama Prakash Kumar (nirupamapk78@gmail.com)

Access to grid electricity remains elusive to many areas on tribal lands. The purpose of this Task Force is to conduct research and engage in practical activities aimed at improving electricity access to homes, businesses, and communities on tribal lands. Secondary goals of the Task Force is to increase awareness and improve education on this topic, and to provide networking and community-building opportunities for students, practitioners, researchers, and the general public.

Micro-grids Pre-feasability toolkit

Chair: Robert Nutter  (Robert.C.Nutter@outlook.com)

This task force will focus on the technical, social and economic challenges and opportunities that can present themselves in both AC and DC microgrids. The objective of this task force is to develop a set of tools for determining the pre-feasibility of a micro-grid in the context of developing communities.  The toolkit aims to enhance the capacity of communities and NGO partners, with limited skills and knowledge in sustainable energy issues, to produce a initial set of materials to support initial micro-grid investments.

Energy Use in Off-grid Applications

Chairs: Peter Dauenhauer (peter.dauenhauer@gmail.com), Dr Henry Louie (hlouie@ieee.org)

This task force has created an archive of time series data of off-grid electric power systems and user applications in developing communities.  Version 1 of the archive is now available and was drawn from projects affiliated with SESDC Members and other available sources. The archive is classified as open-source and available for general research use.  We are requesting contributors reach out the task force with available data-sets to expand the current set.