Members Recognitions

Newly elevated IEEE Senior Members

The PES Chapter congratulates the members that have being newly elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior Member during the last years. Realization of this grade requires extensive experience and reflects professional maturity and documented achievements of significance.


  • Ing. Luis Mendez


  • Dr. Ronald Barazarte
  • Dra. Guadalupe González
  • Ing. Gustavo Salloum

PES Outstanding Engineer Award, OEA

The Outstanding Engineer Award was established in 1994 by the PES Executive Board to recognize outstanding technical, professional and society contributions on behalf of the power engineer profession.

Every year, IEEE’s Power and Energy Society will provide a plaque to the awardee. Here you will find pictures of the award conferred to distinguished volunteers of the Chapter.

Chapter´s Distinguished Members that have obtained the PES Outstanding Engineer Award.

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2016, Luis Mendez (Young)
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2016, Tommy Mann (Senior)

2015, Ronald Barazarte (Young)

2015, Daniel Pereira (Senior)

Ing. Rios

2014, Rafael Ríos

Rodrigo Chanis

2013, Rodrigo Chanis

Guillermo Rodriguez

2012, Guillermo Rodríguez

Jaime Jaen

2011, Jaime Jaén

Alcibiades Mayta

2010, Alcibíades Mayta

Víctor Urrutia

2009, Víctor Urrutia

Evaristo Alvarez

2008, Evaristo Alvarez

Carlos Rodriguez

2007, Carlos Rodriguez

Gustavo Bayard

2006, Gustavo Bayard

Horacio Alfaro

2005, Horacio Alfaro

Mario De La Ossa

2004, Mario de la Ossa

Gustavo Bernal

2003, Gustavo Bernal

Dennis Moreno

2002, Dennis Moreno

Enrique Tejera

2001, Enrique Tejera

Oscar Rendoll

2000, Oscar Rendoll