The principal benefits of joining the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) are:

  • Free subscription to the awarded Power & Energy Magazine
  • Free membership to the Local PES Chapter
  • Discounts in the PES conferences and meetings in your local area and worldwide
  • Participation discounts on tutorials, courses and lectures
  • Discounts in subscriptions of 5 publications of PES and 3 sister societies
  • Among others.

Here you will find a brochure with the information of the benefits of affiliating the Power & Energy Society and the IEEE.

We invite you to join IEEE and the IEEE’s Power and Energy Society. You will find a link to fill your subscription HERE.

Chapter’s Membership Statistics

Note: SM=Senior Member, M=Member, GSM=Graduate Student Member, S=Student Member, A=Associate Member, AF= Affiliate Member

Membership’s evolution through the last 16 years