Activities 2013

Visit to the Thermoelectric Power Plant of Miraflores

Technical visit to the Thermoelectric Power plant of Miraflores conducted by the student members of PES UTP on Friday September 27, 2013.

Talks – Electric motors: use, failures and maintenance

On Monday September 23, 2013, Dr. Guadalupe Gonzalez presented the talk entitled “Electric motors: use, failures and maintenance” organized by IEEE Student Chapter PES UTP.
PES-UTP-2013-03 PES-UTP-2013-01

Talks – Introduction to HVDC Systems

On Thursday September 19, 2013, Dr. Ronald Barazarte presented the talk entitled “Introduction to HVDC Systems” as part of the Lectures organized by the IEEE PES Student Chapter UTP.
PES-UTP-2013-04 PES-UTP-2013-05