HVDC and FACTS devices and their role in the Future Power Systems


Edvina Uzunovic, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA


This workshop addresses industrial aspects of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) installations. The number of HVDC projects committed or under consideration globally has increased in recent years reflecting a renewed interest in this technology. Attendees will be able to learn about some of the latest developments in modeling tools and techniques, such as using the manufacturer supplied physical replica of control systems to study system dynamic response power system with HVDC link. These techniques will allow power system planners and power systems engineers to appropriately identify and address potential problems well in advance, and treat them accordingly.
Since its invention back in 1980s, installation of Static Synchronous Compensator (Statcom), a member of FACTS family of devices, has grown significantly. This workshop will discuss the latest developments in Statcom and Synchronous Condenser hybrid installation. In addition, a practical experience of an utility in the United States in HVDC complete control upgrade as well as in major retrofit of an aging Statcom installation will be presented.


  1. “System Dynamic Studies of HVDC links with Real-Time Simulation – A TSO operational experience”, Hani SAAD, RTE, France
  2. “The latest development of FACTS – Answering to the changes in the power grid”, Per Halvarsson, ABB
  3. “Two Examples of Power Electronic Refurbishments  in Vermont, USA”, Chris Root, Velco, USA
  4. “HVDC in modern power systems”, Dirk Van Hertem, KULeuven, Belgium