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Sarajevo is known as the city with a heart. It is a city of friendship. The citizens of Sarajevo always have time for friends, family and hospitality.

Take Sarajevo tour and meet the lively and turbulent history of the city. Learn about the cultural traditions, the history, and society, and get a close-up look of the rich architecture that has filled the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina through centuries.


Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herezgovina. Through all the turbulent times the city has seen and the scars of the recent war, Sarajevo rose from the ashes as beautiful and as alive as it has always been.


Sarajevo is a multicultural city. No wonder it is known as the European Jerusalem. On a tour around Sarajevo, you will visit the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues. All of which stand close to each other. So many different cultures have left their marks on this city. These marks can be seen through the culture, the traditions, religions and the architecture. In a large number of monuments and buildings, you can see elements of the Ottoman and the Byzantine traditional art and architecture, as well as a wealth of the Roman, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian cultural marks too.


The heart of Sarajevo, known as the old town and called Baščaršija (Bashcharshiya). Each narrow street in Baščaršija is covered with cobblestone and dedicated to a different old craft. The Bosnian traditional crafts are work with jewelry, pottery shops, and copper metalwork. The oldest street of the crafts is the Kazandžiluk street (Coppersmith street). There you can see and buy the traditional souvenirs made of copper. You can even see the coppersmiths crafting their work in a traditional manner which has been passed on through generations.

If you get thirsty you can always drink some water on one of the fountains of the old town. The most remarkable being the Sebilj. It is believed that if you drink the water of Sebilj you will have a connection with the city of Sarajevo for the rest of your life.

The next stop on the Meet Sarajevo Tour is the “Inat Kuća” (The House of Spite). This is now a restaurant where some of the tastiest traditional meals are prepared. The Inat Kuća is located across the river of Miljacka, right opposite the “Vijećnica” (The City Hall). The reason why it is known as the House of Spite is due to its stubborn owner building the house in a manner which was not allowed at that time.

You will also visit the Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque and the Bezistan (A shopping parlour). The walk will continue through to the Sarajevo Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, the old bridges of the city and many other historical monuments and structures.

Our walking tour will finished at new place in Sarajevo, Enjoy Sarajevo.

A unique program in Bosnia and Herzegovina where you will have the opportunity to get to know the culture and customs of our country. A program that will take you through Bosnia and Herzegovina in less than two hours. “Enjoy Sarajevo” will put a seal on your visit to the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enjoy in food, enjoy in drink, enjoy in music, enjoy in dance, ENJOY SARAJEVO!!!


The tour to Mostar includes visits to Konjic, Mostar, Počitelj, Blagaj and Kravice waterfalls. All of which represent the wild and captivating nature of Herzegovina.


The sunniest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the heart of Herzegovina, Mostar is located in the valley of Neretva, and it has an abundance of historical stories, events, and monuments to relish in…

The history and natural wildlife of Mostar are indeed a fascination for all senses. On our tour around Mostar, you will see and hear the details and stories which make it so admirable…

Mostar, the heart of Herzegovina, has a Mediterranean climate with days of extreme heat and refreshing scented Mediterranean air. The winters are cold and wet with strong bora coming from the north.

The tour to Mostar departs from Sarajevo. You will see the old part of Mostar with cobblestone streets, medieval structures and traditional Ottoman monuments and buildings. The river Neretva divides the town of Mostar and provides a fascinating view of the architectural and cultural view of the town of Mostar.


In the morning departure from the hotel in Sarajevo to Mostar. Short visit to Konjic (Old bridge), continue drive to Mostar. Mostar is the largest and most important city in the Herzegovina region. It’s situated on Neretva river and is the fifth largest city in the country. Mostar was named after the bridge keepers (natively: mostari) who have guarded the Old Bridge during medieval times. The Old Bridge is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks and under the protection of UNESCO. You will also have the opportunity to see the Koski Mehmed-pasha’s mosque, Turkish hammam, Clock tower, Sinagogue (1889.), Nesuh-aga Vucjaković Mosque, Hadzi-Kurt Mosque, Metropolitan Palace (1908.), Karadjoz-Bey’s Mosque (1557.), Ottoman Residences (16-19th century). Learn why we call Herzegovina region „Place where it never snows,place where it is never cold”.

This excursion will also take us to Buna springs (Blagaj) – the strongest spring in Europe that takes out more then 45 000 liters per second. Buna springs is the home to the most famous dervish convict (tekke) in the Balkans. Lunch in one of the most famouse restaurants in Blagaj. Departure to visit Pocitelj, an old pass keeper on the banks of emerald Neretva river. After Počitelj, we’re taking you to the Kravice waterfalls. Kravice is a waterfall on Trebizat river. It is located 40 km south from Mostar. Its height is between 25 m and the radius of the lake in the base is 120 m. It is a popular picnic area. The area also has a small cafe, a rope swing, a picnic area and a place for camping. During the high season, various restaurants in the vicinity of the waterfalls mostly offer grilled dishes and fish specialties. Near the waterfalls there is also a small grotto with stalactites made of calcium carbonate an old mill and a sailing ship. After a nice afternoon on Kravice waterfalls, arrival back to Sarajevo.