Best Paper Award of IEEE CSS/RAS/SMCS joint chapter

The IEEE Finland Joint Chapter CSS/RAS/SMCS established a Best Paper Award competition to recognize distinguished contributions made by its members. These contributions serve as exemplars for fellow members to aspire towards.


Any IEEE member of good standing and of Graduate Student Member grade or above and associated with the Jt. Chapter (membership will be determined using and who is a (co-)author of a journal or conference publication within the journals and conferences listed in the following sites:

The publication date must be between 01.01.2022 and 31.12.2022.


  1. The primary applicant for each paper entry in the competition has to be a member of the chapter, by the date of the application.  
  2. An applicant can’t utilize a co-author’s chapter affiliation to apply.
  3. Each application needs to be accompanied by the applicant’s IEEE number.
  4. The award is personal, and it aims to acknowledge the contribution of the applicant in a certain field within the chapter’s main societies.
  5. In case of papers with overlapping names of co-authors, recognition is given only to the primary applicant.
  6. Members of Jt. Chapter Board are NOT eligible for the award.


The Best Paper Award consists of three prizes, each prize is including a certificate. Additionally, the awardees will receive monetary rewards as follows:

  • First Prize: EUR 400.00
  • Second Prize: EUR 200.00
  • Third Prize: EUR 100.00


The Jt. Chapter Board will verify the eligibility of nominees and seek expert evaluation before it announces the final decision.


The decision on the awards will be solely based on scientific excellence, originality, utility, timeliness, and impact. Nominations are screened and reduced to a short list by the Jt. Chapter Board after the reviews provided by invited experts in relevant fields. Short-listed nominations are then evaluated by the Jt. Chapter Board which will make the final decision. Depending on the quality of the nominations, there might be fewer than three prizes awarded.


Call for Nominations: 1.9. – 1.12.2023.

Review and Evaluation of Nominations: 2.12.2022 – 31.12.2022.

Announcement of Awardees: December 2023.


To consider your paper for the competition, please send a copy of it to the IEEE Finland Joint Chapter CSS/RAS/SMCS chair:

Dr. Yancho Todorov,


The award will be presented by the Jt. Chapter Chair or his designee at an appropriate Jt. Chapter meeting. The award shall be presented in the name of the Jt. Chapter.


The award recipient shall be publicized in the (name) website of the  Jt. Chapter. A press release shall be sent to the appropriate newspaper(s) of the recipient’s choice