About the Event

IEEE Costa Rica Section and the IEEE Industrial Application Society Costa Rica Chapter members work constantly towards advancing the electrical safety security on the field. During the development of this task, we have brought to the country leading researchers and engineers that write the Safety Codes. During these visits, the professionals find a great level of engineers who understand extraordinary the theory but have some difficulty in applying the codes towards safety on the workplace.  For this reason, we pursue the realization of the Electrical Safety Workshop to accelerate the advancing toward safety in the workplace during 2019.


This Workshop have several activities and viewpoints that we will like to address.  Even though the Theory, Codes and Standards is the foundation of our engineering practice, this activity will be enriched mostly by the presentations and expositions that will show the benefits for the institutions, or companies, that applies these fundations; or by contrary the disadvantages of not aplying them. The Workshop is going to have a Trade Show to provide the assistants with the solutions and products that the comercial market has to offer.  Thirdly, the organization of the Workshop has include a space where students and professionals can propose their ideas on the subject with a poster exposition.


The Workshop is divided in sessions. The first will be one plenary session with timed presentations. During the course of the day there will also be a break in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided to those who exposed in the Trade Show or paid to attend the Conferences segments. Finally, the Workshop includes Networking times or rounds of negotiations if the sponsor prefer such dynamic.

Topics of Interest

The Workshop focus to Change the Electrical Safety Culture targets two areas:

  1. Advancing the application of state of the art knowledge and practices.
  2. Stimulating innovation in creating the next generation of safe work practices, technology and managing systems.

Tutorials are intended to help engineers, electricians, health and safety personnel, and others involved in electrical safety, to update or renew their knowledge by providing in-depth examination of focus topics. Tutorials also provide attendees with an opportunity to expand and enhance their ESW experience, providing even more practical value as a result of their participation. In support of this goal, the Tutorials Subcommittee is seeking learning opportunities that appeal to three primary audience knowledge levels: 1 – Beginner, 2 – Experienced, or 3 – Advanced.

Any individual, group or company that is interested in presenting a tutorial on a technical subject related to electrical safety should contact the organization before the deadline, use the Contact section for this purpose. The topic should be treated in sufficient depth to cover about 1 or 2 days, and be targeted to one of the three knowledge levels. The Tutorial Subcommittee will work with you to develop a set of learning objectives to be communicated at the time of registration.