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CDP Internacional S.A


Corgia – EasyPower


With a wide trayectory in the market, Corgia Gestión e Ingeniería Alternativa is in charge of helping the costumer in each part of project. The services of this company include from electrical consultancies to the confection of electrical engineer studies, inspection and even the management of the project. All the services are certified by the Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica. The company is also a certified provider of the software EasyPower, described as a “tool for the analysis of  electric power systems that allows the confection of electrical engineer studies based on the current regulations”.

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Established in 1973 for the production of elevator cabins, Elvatron has become a fair versatile electrical equipment distributor in the market, having a share in the fields of automation, power, instrumentation, measurement tools, telecommunications and industrial illumination. The company has, as well, a division dedicated to sell, install and repair medical equipment, showing the vision of this company to keep growing and explore new markets.

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We make work what matters. In EATON, we focus on improving people’s life and environment with more efficient, reliable and sustainable energy management technologies, because that is what really matters. And we are here to guarantee that.

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ETAP, company with presence all around the world, is leader in each aspect related with the automatization of power systems. Market, design and computerized simulation of these systems are just a few examples of the product variety of this company. Besides, ETAP is especialized in low-voltage power systems, area where the company works from the generation to the transport of these systems. Without a doubt, what started in California in 1986, has become a solid company with effective products for the modern industry.

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Prysmian Group

Even though many people don’t know, the products of Prysmian Group are used everyday by a lot of people. This company, present in many countries all around the world, is in the charge of the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of cables. Inside the list of products you can find cables for both low-voltage and high-voltage, cables for data transmission, optical fiber, submarine cables, among other products and accessories that allow the connection of the world and its power systems.

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