Future Meeting Program Plans

We plan our programs in either October or November of each year.  Start thinking about the programs you would like to attend.

Provide the following for the website:

1. Speaker name

2. Bio

3. Brief (4-5 lines) summary of presentation

4. Title of Presentation

5. Date of presentation (2nd Monday evening of the month)

Past Program IDEAS:

  • Check with Sue Hui on previous topics     Leslie Read
  • Special Olympics                                    David Stephens
  • Sailing                                                    David Stephens
  • TSPE: LBJ and Water                             Marvin Malme
  • DART: Community Relations person         Joe Miller
  • TSPE License                                         Joe Miller
  • Boy Scouts & Science/Engineering            Marvin Malme
  • HR: How to Conduct yourself in an interview   Steve Young, Experis
  • Amateur Radio                                          Marvin Malme
  • Speaker from the Perot Science Museum    Marvin Malme