IEEE WIE BLS (IEEE Women in Engineering Beijing Leadership Summit) is hosted by the IEEE WIE Beijing Affinity Group, IEEE China Council, IEEE Beijing Representative Office, WiCSIG (Women in China Society of Image and Graphics Committee),  and IEEE PES WIP China Committee. As women occupy a higher and higher position in social and economic development, scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading and blue ocean exploration are inseparable from the decision-making, creativity and execution of female elites.

She power is gradually changing the world. The advantages brought by gender inclusiveness are constantly reflected in better team creativity and cooperation, as well as more diversified thinking and imagination. This year, we still pay attention to the rise of women’s leadership, invite elite representatives from all walks of life to attend this grand event, provide participants with a global vision and opportunities for cross-border cooperation, promote multi-cultural exchanges, integration and cooperation, and jointly witness the impeccable “her power”.


IEEE WIE BLS has successfully held 2 years. IEEE WIE ILS 2019 was firstly held in 2019 as the China’s first international summit hosted by IEEE WIE Beijing Affinity Group. With the theme of “Inspiration”, “Growth”, “Integration” and “Innovation”, the 2019 event gathered many leaders such as IEEE Fellow, entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars, human resource experts, professional coaches, etc., which brought the disccusion about the latest technology hotspots such as robots, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, intelligent medicine and blockchain.

The IEEE WIE BLS 2020 was the second year of the event, when the pandemic situation was far from positive. It adopted online communication and connected a number of outstanding leaders, experts and scholars around the world in the form of live video to jointly discuss diversified and inclusive leadership topics such as the current technical hot spots, scientific, technological and financial difficulties of the pandemic situation at home and abroad, international competition and cooperation opportunities in the context of globalization, brought a feast of spark collision between technology and leadership topics to the participants .

IEEE WIE BLS 2021 will be held in Beijing on October 23-24,. The theme of the event is “Reshape Women Network”, which is innovative.  It consists of women’s global leadership conference, education forum for women scientists and technologists, future scientists forum, IEEE Wie BLS 2021 Networking & reward reception, IEEE Wie Beijing annual work conference and others.


Chair: Yonghua Lin, General Manager of E-Visible Wenyu, Chair of IEEE WIE Beijing Affinity Group

General Chair: Jing Dong, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science, General Chair of IEEE WIE BLS 2021




Oct. 22-23, 2021


13:30-14:00Opening and Welcome AddressT.B.D.
14:00-14:20Keynote Speech 1  T.B.D.
14:20-14:40Keynote Speech 2 T.B.D.
14:40-15:00Keynote Speech 3 T.B.D.
15:00-16:00Session 1: Research & Innovation Challenge during Covid-19 T.B.D.
16:40-17:40Session 2: Leadership Development for WIE/She-power Sharing T.B.D.
17:00-17:20Lucky Draw Round 1 T.B.D.


8:30-9:00Welcome Address T.B.D.
9:00-9:20Keynote Speech 1 T.B.D.
9:20-9:40Keynote Speech 2 T.B.D.
9:40-10:00Keynote Speech 3 T.B.D.
10:00-10:20Keynote Speech 4 T.B.D.
10:20-10:40Keynote Speech 5 T.B.D.
10:40-11:00Keynote Speech 6 T.B.D.
11:00-11:30Lucky draw/ promotion Round 2 T.B.D.
Lunch Break  
13:00-15:00Session 3:Women Leadership T.B.D.
15:00-16:00Session 4: Diversity of Globe T.B.D.
16:00-16:30Session 5: Discussion on STEM Education for Next-Generation Leadership T.B.D.
16:30-17:00Closing Address T.B.D.


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