Commonweal Project Call for Participants

China is suffering heavy haze damage around the whole areas. Outdoor haze prediction has been forecasted everyday as a part of weather forecast. People may think they are much safer in a closed environment compared with in outside. However, instrumented data indicates that Haze also exists in indoor environment if there is no air refresh system. That causes people to think which place has lower PM2.5 and the AQI is qualified. In this project, we will design a general platform for indoor AQI data collection, recognition and analysis. Taking with a mobile Haze meter, the users test the indoor AQI data with meters, take the photos of AQI values and upload it to the platform. The platform will display the data on Map using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to recognize the data automatically. The platform can also show some statistical data. With this platform, working mums will know which place is better for her children. We will use the crowd sourcing method to call for participants. Therefore, if you have any skills in AI algorithms, coding, database, web design, etc., we strong welcome you to join with us for this commonweal project.