Bhoo-Mandal Talk on July 13, 2023

Bhoo-Mandal Talk on July 13, 2023 (Video in IEEE GRSS Bangalore YouTube Channel)

Bhoo-Mandal Talk Title: How can AI help in Climate Action?

Speaker: Dr. Kalai Ramea, Planette

Time: 7:30 pm IST on July 13, 2023 (Thursday)

Join the talk at (NO REGISTRATION NEEDED): [Online on Zoom]


As the threat of climate change continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly clear that we must take action to mitigate its impact. One promising emerging tool is artificial intelligence (AI), which can help us better understand and address the complex challenges of climate change. In this talk, I will explore how AI is being used in a variety of climate-related applications, including monitoring and predicting weather patterns, optimizing energy systems, and improving agricultural practices. I will also discuss the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in climate action, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of relying on this technology.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Kalai Ramea is an accomplished interdisciplinary scientist working in the intersection of artificial intelligence and science. Her research aims to leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms to tackle problems for social good, specifically focusing on climate action and energy systems. Her latest achievement was leading a $1M DARPA-awarded project in collaboration with researchers from Canada and Germany. The project focused on developing hybrid AI approaches for climate tipping points and interventions. Dr. Ramea received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis, after obtaining her Masters from the University of Southern California. She completed her Bachelor’s in Engineering at the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University. She has published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.