Bangalore Section IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Chapter


About Us

Bangalore Section IEEE GRSS Chapter:

In Karnataka, in particular in Bangalore, India we have several institutions such as Indian Space Research Organization, Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Indian Statistical Institute, National Institute of Technology, and many others that deal with research related to satellite remote sensing data processing and analysis. We have several IEEE members who have inclination to work in the areas of remotely sensed data analysis and geographical information science (GISci) for various applications. On 24 December 2012, Bangalore Section Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Chapter was formed with an intention to bring like-minded members of IEEE, who have interest in the research areas related to remote sensing, geoscience, and GISci under one umbrella.

This chapter would first create awareness among both exiting IEEE Members of Bangalore Section, who are yet take GRSS memberships, and a large number of scientists and engineers working in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and its constituent bodies like Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre, ISRO Space Application centre, and various academic institutions about the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society’s activities and thrust areas eventually to attract them to take GRSS memberships. This awareness would be created by (i) organizing One-Day workshops on Geoscience and Remote Sensing related topics, (ii) explaining prospective members to contribute their research results to IEEE GRSS journals such as IEEE TGRS, IEEE JSTARS, and IEEE GRSL.

This chapter also organizes short courses by inviting remote sensing and geoscience experts to enlighten the advancements in the fields of remote sensing and geosciences. This activity would be targeted to young postgraduate students, PhD scholars, Post-Docs, young faculty members and researchers from industry.

Objectives include:

  • to discuss the research activities related to remote sensing and geosciences to explore potential cross fertilization.
  • to organize conferences under IEEE GRSS Bangalore chapter.
  • to invite IEEE GRSS Distinguished Lecturers time to time.
  • to share the research results that appeared in Remote Sensing Journals among members.
  • to attract more IEEE members to join GRSS.
  • to identify and encourage qualified IEEE GRSS members belonging to IEEE Bangalore Section to have elevation in their’ membership grades.

All India IEEE GRSS Meet was held on 12 December 2013 at Jodhpur. People attended from IEEE GRSS Headquarters include Prof. Melba Crawford President, IEEEE GRSS, Prof. Wolfgang-Martin Boerner, Dr. David Kunkee.

Bangalore Section IEEE GRSS activities for 2012-13 were briefed by Chair of the Chapter. The presentation slides can be seen at: BS-IEEE-GRSSC-Activities-2012-2013-Brief-Presentation-12-Dec-2013