Paper Submission

Please note that for your work to be included in the conference proceedings at least one author must have registered and paid the corresponding registration before.

In order to publish the work in IEEE Xplore must meet two requirements. The first is to verify that the PDF files of work comply with the format specified by IEEE Xplore using the IEEE PDF eXpress system. The second is to assign the copyright to IEEE completing the appropriate form. The following detailed instructions are given to perform each step. It is essential to meet these requirements so that work can be published in IEEE Xplore.

Submitting abstract:

The abstract should have no more than 250 words, title, and keywords. You can then send the full paper.
To send the summary you should perform the same procedure to send the full paper. The instructions are detailed above, it is not necessary to do step three.
A template can be downloaded from the following link:

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