Paper Preparation

Submitting abstract:

The abstract should have no more than 250 words, title, and keywords. You can then send the full paper.
To send the summary you should perform the same procedure to send the full paper. The instructions are detailed above, it is not necessary to do step three.
A template can be downloaded from the following link:

Submit your Abstract


1. The manuscript should be elaborated in accordance with the instructions of any of the three files that are presented below.

Template pdf Latex icon 48x48 Template tex Template word


We ask reviewing the format is right before sending it because having passed the instances of reviewing, works that deviate from it, may not be included in the conference proceedings.

2. Papers should have an extension of no more than 8 pages, A4, double column.

3. The submission of original contributions can be made in Spanish or English.

4. Each entry must include a summary in both Spanish and English language.

5. The work presented must be original content, unpublished, previously presented at conferences or submitted for publication. As a general rule, you should have at least 30-40% of new content.

6. Work should not contain page numbers, headers or footers, in order to facilitate the final editing.

7. The work will be reviewed and peer reviewers’ comments are fully applicable.

8. Failure to meet any of these conditions be turned unacceptable work.

Submit your Paper

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