The IEEE Regional Student Website Contest is conducted by the IEEE MGA Student Activities Committee. This committee oversees IEEE Student Programmes and Activities of the IEEE Student Branches.

This award is aimed to recognise those student websites that provide information about the activities, latest tech updates, learning opportunities, IEEE Benefits etc. through creative digital efforts aimed to make it easy for students of their student branch to obtain the information. Usually, a website becomes the face of an organisation and the main information provider to the  interested parties.

The goal of a website contest is to convey information in a manner useful to the reader, similar to the goal in writing a paper. How you convey the information can increase readers’ interest as well as their knowledge.

Website Contest is judged in two phases

  • Regional Website Contest – All submissions are judged at the regional level to identify the regional winner and runner(s).
  • Global Website Contest – Top 2 or 3 winners from each participating region will be judged at the global level to identify the Global Winners.


  • 31st March 2020




Need help? Contact with:


Ariana Abril Garcia
Argentina, Awards and Contest Coordinator