General Questions

What's the correct process for the application for the awards? What are the websites we can check to know about the awards?

To find more information about the application process for each award, please visit this page. You’ll be able to access all details from each award.

How to do a correct submission, mainly regarding required documents?

You should carefully read award’s rules and templates provided by the organization. We describe in detail what we are expecting from your article or application. To find rules for each award, please visit this page.

How to make a successful application?

We recommend you to read the goal and evaluation criteria of each award and contest. Based on this, you’ll be able to focus your writing in what adds more value to your application. The winning application is not the one that has more words or pages, but the one that manages to add key information in the space available according to the template.

What does the 2020 Student Branch Report contain?

This report is a plan that’s submitted every year by the student branch that contains the number of activities, per type, that the OU plans to execute during the year. To get your student branch report, go to, find your student branch in the list and download the report.

Should we expect the deadline to be extended this year?

No! Deadline was already extended once, so it won’t be extended again.

Regional Photography Contest Questions

Is the tourism category still valid for the photography contest this year?

Due to the current situation, we decided that a Home-office category would be a better fit this year. However, the tourism category might come back next year!

Regional Success Case Contest Questions

Should Additional documents specified in Success Contest be in English?

No! We expect your documents to be in your native language since they are part of your process.


Success Case

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