The purpose of this contest is to reward and recognize students that record group activities and experiences related to the institution in an innovative and creative way.

Carefully choose the correct category for your photography





Make sure to submit your photo in the correct category to have more chances!

  • Technical: In this category, photographs are considered where volunteers send records of their projects or experiences where there is dissemination of technical knowledge or technological development;
  • Humanitarian: Includes photographs of activities or moments that have social bias and contribute to improving the quality of life or conditions of the community in which the Student Branch is inserted;
  • Non-Technical: Photographs of activities, events or dynamics organized to develop and perfect soft skills are valid for this category. Soft skills are a key part of developing technology for the benefit of humanity!


  • Have chair and counselor reported in IEEE Vtools Officer Reporting.
  • Have submitted their 2023 student branch report.
  • Submitter must have an active 2023 IEEE Membership.

Deadline for submissions:
August 7th, 2023, 23:59 (GMT -8)

1st Place for each category: 2023 Membership to the submitter of the photography

Rules & Evaluation

If your photography does not comply to the category in which it was submitted, it will be desqualified.

Make sure to consider the following criteria:

  • Complexity: If the photo presents good content with several elements composing the background plan;
  • Creativity: Innovation of the photographic record;
  • Technical and artistic quality: aesthetics of the image, harmony of the planes, use of light, focus, saturation, contrast, use of colors and framing.
  • IEEE vision and mission: photograph must represent and transmit IEEE values, goals and reach.
  • The photo must be attached using a public link;
  • Photos should have JPG format and a maximum size of 5 MB;
  • There should be at least one IEEE volunteer in the photo;
  • The photo must reference IEEE. It can be through logos related to the institution (e.g. IEEE, IEEE Day or IEEEXtreme logos) or you can also use elements in the environment to create a reference to IEEE. However, logos should not be added using digital resources;
  • Photos should not have any kind of filter or processing via any tool;
  • Files can have a title with 12 words (maximum) and a description of 60 words at most;
  • Photo title and description should be in english.

Submit your application!