IEEE Region 7 Student Activities Committee (SAC) is the IEEE student committee located in Canada, responsible for student programs and benefits. The SAC team consists of IEEE Volunteers who represent the voice of thousands of IEEE Student members. They constantly make recommendations to IEEE Region 7 and the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board. The goal and mission of the SAC team is to help and train student branches across Canada, organize national and international competitions, conduct events and activities for IEEE student members and connect them to professionals in academia and industry. 

The Region 7 Student Activities Committee (SAC) consists of the Regional Student Activities Chair (RSAC), Vice RSAC, Regional Student Representative (RSR), Vice RSR, Area West SAC Representative (AWSR), Area Central SAC Representative (ACSR), Area East SAC Representative (AESR), Past Regional Student Activities Chair (Past RSAC), Webmaster and an Executive member. These volunteer members:

  • help organize Canada-wide student activities,
  • provide resources and training for student branch leaders,
  • encourage collaborations between student branches,
  • strengthen the relationships between student branches and all other IEEE entities, and
  • plan the region’s annual Student Congress.

Saida Maaroufi

Saida Maaroufi


Regional Student Activities Chair


Yasaman Ahmadiadli


Vice Regional Student Activities Chair


Azfar Adib


Regional Student Representative

José Berkenbrock

José Berkenbrock


Vice Regional Student Representative

Andrei Gavrilov

Andrei Gavrilov


Area West SAC Representative

Moein Noferesti

Moein Noferesti


Area East SAC Representative

Arslan Azeem

Arslan Azeem

Executive Member
Niousha Ghorbani

Niousha Ghorbani


Jamiul Alam


Past Regional Student Activities Chair