Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors

Paper and Poster Presentations

Please note that all papers NEED to be presented in any of the scheduled formats such as Panel, Technical session, Technical forum or Poster. As per IEEE PES publication policy, ONLY those paper that are presented will appear finally in IEEExplore.  Only registered papers have been allotted a presentation slot.



The presentation will last for 15 minutes, where 12 minutes will be given to the speakers for presentation followed by 3 minutes for Q&A. Delegates are requested to provide their presentations in .pdf or .ppt format to the student volunteers at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. Session chairs and presenters are requested to be available in their respective rooms at least 10 minutes before the start of the session.

Instructions for Session Chair

The Chair of a session has the essential task of making sure that the session runs smoothly. This entails more than just keeping time, although this is an important aspect of being a Chair. The Chair should make sure that the presenters feel welcome and all technical issues are resolved.


Since time is limited, it must be watched, and all scheduled presenters should have the same opportunity to present their material. Presentations exceeding the time limit will not only interfere with other presentations in the same session, but may also cause delays in other sessions, or prevent the audience from moving on to following sessions in a timely manner. Each presenter has 12 minutes for their presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A.

  • The Session chair should not entertain the audiences’ question for more than the allotted Q& A time. However, the chair can suggest that further discussions on the presentation can take place after the end of the final presentation.

  • In order for the Chair to communicate the time remaining in a non-obtrusive way, note cards marked “5 minutes,” “1 minute,” and “Please finish!” will be provided for all session Chairs (available in the room of the session). Make sure the presenter acknowledges these warnings.

  • It may be a good idea to sit in the front row, facing the presenter during the presentation. Do not hesitate to ask someone to conclude if they ignore the final note card.

  • Please inform the presenters about these procedures before the session begins.

The following lists a few additional things to keep in mind, and hints on how to make the session enjoyable for audience and presenters.

Before the session:

  • Make sure you know which session you are to chair; check for any scheduling clashes with any other commitments and notify the Program Committee if you cannot serve as session chair.

  • At the conference, arrive at the room of the session at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session.

  • Check the connections to the computer and projector and alert any of the technicians or student volunteers in case of any problems.

  • Greet the speakers and make sure that everyone scheduled to speak is present, and that all presentations have been loaded on to the computer (including your own if you are to present in the session).

  • Explain your role to the presenters, so they know to look at you for cues.

During the session:

  • Introduce yourself to the audience and give a brief introduction of the speakers and the overall topic.

  • Explain the time allocation – each presenter has 12 minutes to present, and 3 minutes for Q&A. Explain also that after 15 minutes have passed the next presenter will be introduced.

  • Introduce the first presenter. Check the time when the presentation starts.

  • If the presenter didn’t turn-up for the presentation, wait until his/her time slot finishes to begin the next presentation.

  • Place yourself so that the presenter can see you without any trouble.

  • Be ready to assist with any technical problems.

  • Make sure the presenter adheres to the time limit.

  • After the presentation, ask if there are any questions, and make sure the questions do not cause the presentation to be too long. If questions remain after the time is up, suggest that the discussion can resume after the session. Make sure more than one person gets to ask questions if they want to.

After the session:

  • If there is time left, suggest a discussion of topics relevant to the presentations.
  • Thank the presenters and the audience for their attention and conclude the session.



In a Poster Session, the illustrations are mounted on a poster board which is then mounted on an easel. The illustrations may consist of equations, graphs, photographs, and short text bullets. Authors are requested to print their poster in A1 Size (594mm width x 841mm height or 23.4 inches width x 33.1 inches height)

Please note that the Poster Session papers are not presented sequentially rather all papers in a poster session are presented simultaneously with each author standing or sitting next to a poster. The author should be prepared to give a short presentation and answer questions from those attending. The audience are requested not to stay in one place, but to walk from one poster to another, listen to the presentation by the author, and talk to the authors about their work. Discussion is therefore one-on-one with the interested party rather than directed toward a general audience.


IEEE PES_ISGT_ASIA 2018 _Poster_Template: Click Here.


The authors are requested to make the poster such that it is visible for the audience who will typically stand or sit about two meters (six feet) from the display. The posters have to be arranged and secured to their designated poster board by the author at the venue. The poster board will be provided by us.  Authors must fit all of their poster material in the space allotted by 9am on their poster presentation day.


The session will consist of one-on-one discussion between the author and people who have an interest in the topic.

“Authors are required to be in the session room at their poster location for the entire session, except for minimal absence for short breaks.”



  1. Dear whom it concerns.

    My name is Byungchul Kim.
    I have submitted my final papers and fees.
    Adaptive Energy Management System with a BESS through Experimental-Based Cell Modeling And Adaptive Model Predictive Control (OR-0076)

    May I ask when should I present my paper?
    When should I upload power point slides?

    Thank you.

  2. Dear whom it concerns.

    I have submitted my final papers and fees.
    Adaptive Energy Management System with a BESS through Experimental-Based Cell Modeling And Adaptive Model Predictive Control (OR-0076)

    May I ask when should I present my paper?
    I want to know where I should I uploaded my PPT slides?
    My name is Byungchul Kim.

    Thank you.

  3. Could you please mail certificate of participation at the earliest. Need to submit in the college.

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