Student Support

ISGT Asia 2018 is pleased to announce funding support for eligible and well-deserving Masters and PhD students who wish to attend the conference.

General Information

Travel subsidiary of up to 500 Singapore Dollars will be given to the selected student applicants. The number of assistance under this program is limited and selection will be based on the number of applications, program enrolled by the student and country of residence.


The applicant must be a Full Time student (M.Sc, Ph. D student) at the date of submission of the paper and she/he must be an active IEEE PES student member from the Asia Pacific Region (R10), with a valid IEEE PES membership number at the date of her/his application. The applicant should have at least one accepted paper with first author and should be the person who will present it.


The students who get the award should submit the original receipts of travel itinerary to the conference organizers for reimbursement.


Applications submitted by students will be evaluated by a committee which will be constituted by the chair of PES Student Activities Committee, Conference General Chair, PES Singapore Chapter Chair and PES Treasurer.

How & Where to Submit

Download the application form, fill, print, attest your signature, scan and send the scanned image as .pdf file to

Deadline for Submission of Application: 30 March 2018

Results of Student Support Applications will be announced on 15 April 2018

Best Student Paper Award

Mr. Xu Xu won the best student paper award.










Student Support Grant Winners

Student Name Region, Chapter
2 ABHISHEK SHARMA R10, UttarPradesh
4 Anil Mathur R10, UttarPradesh
5 Animesh Sahoo R10, New South Wales
7 Anoop eluvathingal R10, Madras
8 Antos C Varghese R10, Bombay
9 ANURADHA KANNAN R10, Bangalore
10 Biswajeet Rout R10, Gujarat
11 Bonu Ramesh Naidu R10, Kharagpur
12 Charan Teja S R10, Hyderabad
13 DEEPA S KUMAR R10, Kerala
14 Dhanapala Prudhviraj R10, Gujarat
15 Haohan Gao R10, Beijing
16 Jiaying Wang R10, Nanjing
17 Jiayong li R10, Hong Kong
18 Junhyuk Kong R10, Seoul
19 LiangQiao R10, Beijing
20 Likin Simon R10, Madras
21 Manik Pradhan R10, Madras
22 Pranjal Pragya Verma R10, Madras
23 Prasertsak Charoen JAIST R10, Tokyo
24 Ranjeet kumar R10, Delhi
25 Rishabh Abhinav R10, Gujarat
26 Shyam A B R10, UttarPradesh
27 Sunil Kumar Singh R10, UttarPradesh
28 Teo Tiong Teck R10, Singapore
29 Wenjie Zhang R10, Singapore
30 Wesley Poh R10, Singapore
31 Wonjun Lee R10, Seoul
32 Xu Xu R10, Hong Kong
33 Xunyuan Liu R10, Nanjing
34 Ying Gao R10, Nanjing
35 You Xue R10, Nanjing
36 Yubin Wang R10, Beijing
37 Yuchao Zhang R10, Beijing
38 Yuxuan Zhao R10, Nanjing
39 Zan Wentao R10, Singapore