SPL Group – TLI

SPL-04_19_2014The Strategic Project Leadership® (SPL) Group is part of the Technological Leadership Institute, LLC, a Knowledge-Based Organization which is in the business of creating, collecting, sharing, and implementing the most recent and relevant knowledge needed for the prosperity and growth of the enterprise world. SPL Group transforms up-to-date applicable research into best practices for the benefit of its customers.

tli_logoThe Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) focuses on aligning business and technology in business and government. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between business needs at the executive level and technical activity at the operational level, applying the most advanced, research-based, industry-proven concepts to create value and maximize competitive advantage from technology and projects.

The flagship program of TLI is the Strategic Project Leadership® (SPL) system, which integrates business, innovation, and project management in one strategic model. The main objective of SPL is to transform managers into leaders of business and innovation who take ownership of their project’s business results by combining the strategic aspects of innovation, the operational needs of on-time delivery, and the leadership perspectives of inspiring and motivating teams.

TLI offers educational leadership programs, consulting and assessment, and planning tools that can be applied on top of the well–known traditional project management tools. Its team includes a combination of highly-qualified educators, researchers and experienced business executives. Its concepts and tools keep updating based on our research and hands-on experience with our clients.

For more information on the SPL Group and TLI, please visit the corporate web site at http://splwin.com.