Kavan Life and Computing

kavan-lifeKavan Life and Computing provides solutions that help improve the quality of life, by investing in ventures that have a high potential for impact in the areas of the life sciences, health care and wellness, computing hardware and software, and basic needs of food and water which are still unattainable by a vast majority of people in the world. Kavan Life invests in both for-profit and not-for-profit ventures.

The Kavan Life team has extensive experience in the life sciences, health care & wellness, cloud computing, rich internet applications, mobile technologies, food, water, retail and franchise industries.

Kavan Life and Computing was started by Indian entrepreneurs with investment backing from private individuals. The Kavan Life investors are based in the US and India, and share a wide range of interests, both in the areas of experience of the Kavan Life team, as well as in other areas such as education, research, publishing and media, travel, transport and logistics.

For further information on Kavan Life and Computing, please visit the corporate web site at http://www.kavanlife.com/.