IEEE Hong Kong Section Computer Society Chapter 電機暨電子工程師學會(香港電腦分會)


IEEE Hong Kong Section Computer Society Chapter 2021 Election

Dear IEEE Hong Kong Section Computer Society Chapter Members,

Subsequent to the call for nomination of 2021 Chapter’s office bearers in 29 May 2020, the Nominating Committee (NC) of the Computer Society Chapter received, verified and recommended the following slate of candidates for the Chapter offices in 2021. All candidates are current Executive Committee members serving the Chapter in 2020, and they have agreed to serve the respective offices in 2021 if so elected. The slate has been ratified by the Chapter Executive Committee and approved by the IEEE Hong Kong Section Chair, Dr Paulina Chan, for proceeding with the election process in accordance to the IEEE MGA Operation Manual.

Chair           Dr Jeff Tang
Vice-Chair       Dr Joe Yuen
Secretary        Dr Anthony Kong
Treasurer        Dr Patrick Hung

The NC is now inviting anyone who is interested in serving the Chapter in any of the office positions to send in nomination as a petition candidate.  According to IEEE MGA Operation Guidelines, a petition by at least 2% of the voting members in the Section is required.  IEEE HK Section Computer Society Chapter has 4,648 voting members as of 23 February 2021 on the IEEE Membership Database. Therefore, at least 93 voting members’ support is required for a successful petition.

Any petition bid requires in writing the name, membership number, and signature of the candidate, AND of each supporter, to be sent to the Chapter Secretary by post or by email (scanned copy is acceptable but please keep the original signed document as a record if this turns out to be required) at: Dr Jacky Chan, Department of Computer Science, Baptist University of Hong Kong ( All petition documents and signatures should arrive on or before 18 March 2021.

IEEE Hong Kong Section Computer Society Chapter Nominating Committee

Prof Philips Wang (Chair), Dr YT Yu, Dr Victor Lee
25 February 2021