Technical Sessions Schedule


Paper Session Title and Authors Speaker/Affiliation
Session #1 – Control of Distributed Energy Resources
Session Chair: Farnaz Harirchi
March 30th, 9:30am – 12:00pm
Room: Evergreen C
Control of a Three Phase Inverter Mimicking Synchronous Machine with Fault Ride-through Capability
Vikram Roy Chowdhury, Mehdi Ferdowsi, Pourya Shamsi
Vikram Chowdhury
Missouri Univ. Science and Tech.
Double Integral Sliding Mode Control for Single-Stage Active FIBC-PFC in Smart Grid Applications
Farnaz Harirchi, Hossein Sartipizadeh
Farnaz Harirchi
Colorado School of Mines
Power Flow based Fault Analysis Method for Distribution Grid with Inverter-based DER
Dong-Eok Kim, Namhun Cho
Dong-Eok Kim
Korea Electric Power Corporation
Data-Driven Residential Load Modeling and Validation in GridLAB-D
Peter Gotseff, Blake Lundstrom
Peter Gotseff
Power Metering: History and Future Trends
Fernando Garcia, Fernando Marafão, Wesley Souza, Luiz Silva
Fernando Garcia
S. Paulo State Univ (Unesp)
Session #2 – Power Electronics for Microgrid Applications
Session Chair: Anitha Sarah Subburaj
March 30th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Room: Evergreen A
Model Predictive Control Analysis for the Battery Energy Storage System
Nimat Shamim, Anitha Subburaj, Stephen Bayne
Nimat Shamim
Texas Tech University
Stability Analysis of A.C and D.C Microgrids using OPAL- Real Time Digital Simulator
Anitha Sarah Subburaj, Ankith Reddy Arra, Stephen Bayne
Anitha Subburaj
West Texas A & M University
AC Microgrid Control using Adaptive Synchronous Reference Frame PLL
Ahmed Sheikh, Tarek Yossef, Osama Mohammed
Osama Mohammed
Florida International University
Control of Grid Connected PV Array using P&O MPPT Algorithm
Muhammad Ibrahim Munir, Tasneim Aldhanhani, Khalifa Hasan Al Hosani
Tasneim Aldhanhani
The Petroleum Institute
Session #3 – Interconnection, Capacity and Future of Renewable Energy
Session Chair: Robert Cruickshank III
March 30th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Room: Evergreen C
Capacity Value of Canadian Wind and the Effects of Decarbonization
Eduardo Ibanez, Bahman Daryanian, Derek Stenclik, Richard Piwko
Eduardo Ibanez
GE Energy Consulting
PV Microgeneration Perspective in Brazil: Approaching interconnection procedures and equipment certification
Augusto Matheus dos Santos Alonso, Fernando Pinhabel Marafão, Flavio Alessandro Serrão Gonçalves, Helmo Kelis Morales Paredes, Danilo Iglesias Brandão
Augusto Alonso
S. Paulo State Univ (Unesp)
Empirical Investigations of the Opportunity Limits of Automatic Residential Electric Load Shaping
Robert Cruickshank III, Gregor Henze, Rajagopalan Balaji, Bri-Mathias Hodge, Anthony Florita
Robert Cruickshank III
University of Colorado
The New Vision and the Contribution of Solar Power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Electricity Production
Yahya Alharthi, Mahbube Siddiki, Ghulam Chaudhry
Yahya Alharthi
University of Missouri Kansas City
Session #4 – Power Electronics Control for Utility Integration
Session Chair: Kerry McBee
March 30th, 3:15pm – 5:45pm
Room: Evergreen A
IDA-Passivity-Based Control for Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage with PWM-CSC
Oscar Danilo Montoya Giraldo, Walter Julián Gil González, Alejandro Garcés Ruiz, Gerardo René Espinosa Pérez
Oscar Giraldo
Univ. Tecnológica de Pereira
Thermal Modeling for High Temperature Electrolysis of Lithium Carbonate With CO2 Sequestration
Jiaxin Peng, Vikram Narayana, Jason Lau, Matthew Lefler, Stuart Licht, Tarek El-Ghazawi
Jiaxin Peng
The George Washington Univ.
Islanding Detection with Data Mining methods – A Comparative Study
Hussein Al-Bataineh, Rajesh Kavasseri
Rajesh Kavasseri
North Dakota State University
A novel generalized concept for three phase cascaded multilevel inverter topologies
Md Mubashwar Hasan, A. Abu-Siada, Syed M. Islam, S. M. Muyeen
Mubashwar Hasan
Curtin University
The Prediction of Electrical Cars’ Growth Rate and Management of Electrical Energy Demand in Turkey
Musa Yilmaz
Musa Yilmaz
Batman University
Session #5 – Energy Management and Power Quality
Session Chair: Santosh Veda
March 30th, 3:15pm – 5:45pm
Room: Evergreen C
Grid-price Dependent Optimal Energy Storage Management Strategy for Grid-connected Industrial Microgrids
Abinet Tesfaye Eseye, Dehua Zheng, Han Li, Jianhua Zhang
Abinet Eseye
North China Elect Power Univ.
Developing Use Cases for Evaluation of ADMS Applications to Accelerate Technology Adoption
Santosh Veda, Hongyu Wu, Maurice Martin, Murali Baggu
Santosh Veda
Back-to-back active power filter for current balancing in two-phase systems
Julio Viola, Marco Fajardo, Jose Restrepo, Jose Aller, Flavio Quizhpi, Antonio Ginart
Julio Viola
Universidad Politecnica Salesiana
Supervisory LMI-Based State-Feedback Control for Current Source Power Conditioning of SMES
Walter Julián Gil González, Oscar Danilo Montoya, Alejandro Garcés Ruíz, Andrés Escobar Mejía Walter Gonzalez
Univ. Tecnológica de Pereira
Understanding the drivers of negative electricity price using decision tree
José Carlos Reston Filho, Ashutosh Tiwari, Chesta Dwivedi
José Reston Filho
IDAAM Educação Superiorv
Session #6 – Renewable Energy Systems
Session Chair : Kerry McBee
March 31th, 9:30am – 12:00pm
Room: Evergreen A
Analysis and Design of a Three Phase Photovoltaic System with Battery Back Up
Vikram Roy Chowdhury, Mehdi Ferdowsi, Pourya Shamsi
Vikram Chowdhury
Missouri Univ. of Sci. and Technology
Transformer Aging Due to High Penetrations of PV, EV Charging, and Energy Storage
Kerry McBee
Kerry McBee
Fresno State University
Power Quality Improvements for Integration of Hybrid AC/DC Nanogrids to Power Systems
Ahmed Ebrahim, Tarek Youssef, Osama Mohammed
Ahmed Ebrahim
Florida International University
Active Power and Flux Control of a Self-Excited Induction Generator for a Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Generation
Woonki Na, Edurad Edurad Muljadi
Woonki Na
Cal St Univ-Fresno
Prioritization of Locations for PMU Placement
Amamihe Onwuachumba, Mohamad Musavi, Paul Lerley
Amamihe Onwuachumba
RLC Eng., Hallowell, Maine
Session #7 – Emerging Power Systems and Real Time Dynamics
Session Chair : Mohammad Babakmehr
March 31st, 9:30am – 12:00pm
Room: Evergreen C
IoT based Online Load Forecasting
Ahmed Saber
Ahmed Saber
Reflections about the Philosophy of Technology in the Emerging Smart Power Systems
Paulo Fernando Ribeiro, Antonio Carlos Zambroni de Souza, Benedito Donizeti Bonatto
Benedito Bonatto
Federal Univ. of Itajubá (UNIFEI)
Comparison of the Holomorphic Embedding Load Flow Method with Established Power Flow Algorithms and a New Hybrid Approach
Patrick S. Sauter, Christian A. Braun, Mathias Kluwe, Sören Hohmann
Patrick S. Sauter
Characterization of Forward Electricity Market Price Variations and Price-Responsive Demands
Al-Motasem Aldaoudeyeh, Rajesh Kavasseri, Ivan Lima
Al-Motasem Aldaoudeyeh
North Dakota State University
Conversion and Validation of QSTS based Distribution System Model for Real-Time Dynamic Phasor Simulation
Manohar Chamana, Kumarguru Prabakar, Bryan Palmintier, Murali Baggu
Manohar Chamana
Session #8 – Advanced Renewable Energy Power Systems
Session Chair : Benjamin Kroposki
March 31st, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Room: Evergreen A
Long-term Planning with Battery-based Energy Storage Transportation in Power System
Dan Lu, Zuyi Li
Dan Lu
Illinois institute of Technology
Pico-Hydro Electric Power In The Nepal Himalayas
Rick Sturdivant, James (Hsi-Jen) Yeh, Mark Stambaugh, Alex Zahnd, Edwin K.P. Chong
Rick Sturdivant
Azusa Pacific University
Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium Testing and Verification
Benjamin Kroposki, Paul Skare , Robert Pratt, Thomas King, Abraham Ellis
Benjamin Kroposki
Optimal Placement of A Heat Pump in An Integrated Power and Heat Energy System Sergey
Klyapovskiy, Shi You, Henrik W. Bindner, Hanmin Cai
Sergey Klyapovskiy
Technical University of Denmark
Session # 9 – Photovoltaics Power Systems
Session Chair : Osama A. Mohammed
March 31st, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Room: Evergreen B
Coordinated Power Management for the Integration of Active Distribution Networks with High PV Penetration into the
Medium Voltage Grid
Hassan H. Eldeeb, Osama A. Mohammed
Hassan H. Eldeeb
Florida International University
Forecasting of solar photovoltaic system power generation using wavelet decomposition and bias-compensated random forest
Po-Han Chiang, Siva Prasad Varma Chiluvuri, Sujit Dey, Truong Q. Nguyen
Po-Han Chiang
University of California, San Diego
Grey-Box Modeling for Photovoltaic Power Systems using Dynamic Neural Networks
Naji Al-Messabi, Cindy Goh, Yun Li
Naji Al-Messabi
University of Glasgow
Impact of PV Sources on the Overcurrent Relays in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks
Matin Meskin, Praveen Iyer, Alexander Domijan
Matin Meskin
University at Buffalo
Session #10 – Security and Critical Analysis of Power Distribution Systems
Session Chair: Amamihe Onwuachumba
March 31st, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Room: Evergreen C
Enhancement of Voltage Profile in Unbalanced Distribution Systems
Tianjian Wang, Matin Meskin, Ilya Grinberg
Matin Meskin
State University of New York at Buffalo
Prior Detection of Explosives to Defeat Tragic Attacks using Knowledge Based Sensor Networks
Kishore Konda Chidella, Asaduzzaman Abu, Farshad Mashhadi
Kishore Chidella
Wichita State University
Identification of Critical Locations of Power Systems
Amamihe Onwuachumba, Mohamad Musavi, Paul Lerley
Amamihe Onwuachumba
RLC Eng., Hallowell, Maine
Throughput Comparison of Shuffle-Exchange Networks with Additional Stages due to Resource Scheduling
Farshad Mashhadi, Abu Asaduzzaman, Kishore Konda Chidella
Farshad Mashhadi
Wichita State University
Session #11 – Energy Storage for Distributed Generation
Session Chair : Eduard Muljadi
March 31st, 3:15pm – 5:15pm
Room: Evergreen A
Developing High PV Penetration Cases for Frequency Response Study of U.S. Western Interconnection
Jin Tan, Yingchen Zhang, Santosh Veda, Tarek Elgindy, Yilu Liu
Yingchen Zhang
Flywheel Energy Storage Dynamic Modeling
Eduard Muljadi, Vahan Gevorgian
Eduard Muljadi
Robust Model Predictive Control of DC-DC Floating Interleaved Boost Converter under Uncertainty
Hossein Sartipizadeh, Farnaz Harirchi
Hossein Sartipizadeh
Colorado School of Mines
Optimal Joint Management of Charging and Battery Swapping Services for Electric Vehicles
Luhao Wang, Shuang Chen, Massoud Pedram
Luhao Wang
University of Southern California
Session #12 – Interconnection of Wind Energy Systems
Session Chair: Enio Ribeiro
March 31st, 3:15pm – 5:15pm
Room: Evergreen B
Mathematical Modeling, Stability, Bifurcation Analysis, and Simulations of a Type-3 DFIG Wind Turbine’s Dynamics with Pitch Control
Sameh Eisa, Kevin Wedeward
Sameh Eisa
New Mexico Tech
A Double-stage Hierarchical Hybrid PSO-ANFIS Model for Short-term Wind Power Forecasting
Han Li, Abinet Tesfaye Eseye, Jianhua Zhang, Dehua Zheng
Abinet Eseye
North China Elect Power Univ.
Time Domain Study of a Type-3 DFIG Wind Turbine’s Dynamics: Q Drop Function Effect and Attraction VS Control Limits Analysis
Sameh Eisa, William Stone, Kevin Wedeward
Sameh Eisa
New Mexico Tech
Decentralized Multi-Agent System for Protection and Power Restoration Process in Microgrids
Hany Habib, Osama Mohammed
Hany Habib
Florida International University
Session #13 – Renewable Energy Interaction with Data, Wireless Communication and Future Trends
Session Chair : Fernando Marafão
March 31st, 3:15pm – 5:15pm
Room: Evergreen C
Pilot Back-up Protection based on Wireless Communication
Zhenmin Tang, Qiushi Wang, George Karady
Zhenmin Tang
Arizona State University
State Feedback Control to Damp Output LC Filter Resonance for Field Oriented Control of VSI fed Induction Motor Drives
Vikram Roy Chowdhury, Mehdi Ferdowsi, Pourya Shamsi
Vikram Chowdhury
Missouri Univ. Science and Tech.
Adaline and Recursive Least Square Error Based Techniques for Submodule Voltage Monitoring for the Cascaded High Frequency AC Link System
Nour Elsayad, Osama A. Mohammed
Nour Elsayad
Florida International University
Decentralized Power Agreement for Improved Frequency Response in Interconnected Power Systems
Muhammad Umer Qureshi, Santiago Grijalva
Muhammad Qureshi
Georgia Institute of Technology