Deep Learning summer school at Aalto University, 17-19 August

Doctoral Education Network in Intelligent Systems (DENIS) is organizing a summer school on Deep Learning at Aalto University Otaniemi campus 17-19 August. IEEE Finland CS/RA/SMC Chapter promotes the event as a co-organizer. Chapter members have free admission to the lectures of the summer school according to the following. Unfortunately, no new registrations for the practical/exercise program or the social events are available.

Mon Aug 17

10:00-11:30       Introduction to Deep Learning, Prof. Tapani Raiko, Aalto University

12:30-14:00       GPU processing with Theano (and CUDA), Dr. Razvan Pascanu, Google DeepMind

Tue Aug 18    

9:00-10:30          Recurrent neural networks for time-series modelling, Prof. KyungHyun Cho, New York University

11:00-12:30       Convolutional models for computer vision, Prof. Raiko

Wed Aug 19   

9:00-10:00        Combining unsupervised and supervised learning, Prof. Raiko

10:30-11:30       Reinforcement learning with deep learning, Dr. Pascanu

11:30-12:30       Natural language processing and machine translation, Prof. Cho

Venue: Otaniementie 17 (TUAS-building), lecture hall AS1.

If you plan to attend, please inform the organizers by email to Prof. Ville Kyrki by Aug 14.