Your 2017-2018 Officers

At the annual board meeting on July 11, 2017, new officers were elected for the coming year:   Chair: Michael Kahn Vice Chair: Westmore Bowman Program Chair: Pritish Narayan/ Suburbs: Bill Poss Secretary: Paul Nwawolo Webmaster: Ted Kloba Assistant Webmaster:  Michael Morris Treasurer: Mike Monte Assistant Treasurer: Brian G Membership Chair: Mike Morris / Assistant: Steve… Read more

Topics for Upcoming Meetings

At the the chapter board meeting, the following potential topics were selected for dinner meetings.  Look for a survey to identify interest in these topics: All about UL Field trip to UL Electrical Commissioning 30 cycle ATS withstand ratings Solar power Field trip to Argonne National Labs Medium Voltage Distribution Design Building Management Systems NICA… Read more

Your 2016-2017 Officers

Elections were held on July 7, 2016, and chapter officers for the 2016-2017 season will be: Chairman – Mike Kahn Vice Chairman – Preston VanDeusen Program Chair – Jay Bielanski Secretary – Westmore Bowman Treasurer – Mike Monte Webmaster – Ted Kloba Membership – Steve Hermanowski Special Interorganizational Liaison – Brain Goldman