Chapter Board

Chapter officers are elected from volunteers at our annual board meeting, and serve one term.

Officers for the 2019-2020 season are:

  • Chairman – Michael Morris, Greeley and Hansen
  • Vice Chairman – Brian Goldman, Greeley and Hansen
  • Treasurer – Mike Monte, Greeley and Hansen
  • Secretary – Paul Nwawolo, ESD
  • Program Advisors – Pritish Narayan, ESD and Bill Poss, Eaton
  • Membership Chair – Steve Hermanowski, Zonatherm
  • Webmaster – Ted Kloba, Greeley and Hansen

To volunteer, you must meet the following IEEE Officer Qualifications:

  • IEEE Membership must be current (membership dues must be paid) upon entering office, and must be maintained throughout term of office;
  • Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member, or Fellow grade;
  • membership in the geographic unit in which office is to be held;
  • Chapter officers, in addition to the above requirements, must also have and maintain membership in the Chapter’s Society.  In the case of Joint Chapters, membership in any (1) of the Societies is sufficient;
  • the volunteer shall not have served in any one position, in any single organizational unit, more than six years total.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an officer.