VIRTUAL Event: “Electronics Meets Biology” on 16 September 2020 @ 6:30PM

IEEE Central Coast Zoom Event – 16 September 2020 @ 6:30PM

Professor Luke Theogarajan Ph.D. – UCSB ECE Presents: Electronics Meets Biology”


The vision of electronics closely integrated with biology while popularized in science fiction is now becoming a reality. In this talk I will outline the role of electronics in biology in two areas neural interfacing and biosensing. Rapid advances in CMOS devices with the ever shrinking transistor dimension has enabled the packing of tremendous power in a small silicon area, however there has not been a concomitant rise in the devices currently used in therapeutic devices, I will examine some of the fundamental reasons as to why this is the case and ways of overcoming some of these barriers in the future. Along the same lines I will highlight some of the work we have done in biosensing and interfacing the micro, nano and the macroscale. I will also outline some of the fundamental challenges of remote powering of these devices and some of the clever techniques that have been explored. I will also highlight where I believe electronics will continue to play a revolutionary role in advancing human health.

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Professor Theogarajan’s talk is sure to be enlightening.

Best regards, Ruth Franklin IEEE Central Coast Chair

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