Holiday Banquet IEEE Central Coast – 15 Dec @ 6:30 – 9:00 PM

At Mulligans Café Santa Barbara Golf Club (3500 McCaw Ave)


You (& Guest) are invited to a FREE Holiday Banquet. Please Register for Event (below) and select your entrée(s) Prime Rib or Salmon. Kristin Bell of Hub 101 is our guest speaker.

Happy Holidays from Ruth Franklin IEEE Central Coast             

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“Bringing Entrepreneurial Ideas to Life to Build and Scale New Businesses”

Hub101 Community Manager, Kristin Bell, will share how Hub101 enables entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and ultimately build and scale businesses. She will share how Hub101 serves startups, including collaboration through coworking, discovery through educational programs, growth through mentorship, and community-building through events. One of the incubator’s newest initiatives is a 12-week, cohort-based program that takes entrepreneurs from an idea, through validation and development, to launch. Kristin will also highlight various startups that launched out of Hub101, including those that closed tens or hundreds of millions in fundraising, found their technical co-founders, received mentorship that changed their trajectories, secured substantial partner-ships, and more. Finally, Kristin will discuss the immense value mentors and advisors bring to an entrepreneur’s journey and the various ways Hub101’s network of mentors supports its programs with a “Give First” mindset—the most critical ingredient in a vibrant, resilient startup community.