IEEE Winnipeg Section


UofM Capstone Project Awards 2013

On April 8, 2013, the IEEE Winnipeg Section handed out the awards to the best Capstone Design Projects from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Manitoba.

2013 IEEE Winnipeg Section Undergraduate Thesis Award:

  • 1st Place Award
    • Students: Rory Jacob, Marc Friesen, Tyler Mailey, and Paul Grestoni
    • Project: “Real-Time Traffic Monitoring Utilizing Bluetooth Device Discovery”
    • Advisor: Dr. Bob McLeod

  • 2nd Place Award
    • Students: Kasun Samarasekera, Udeesha Annakkage, Malsha Annakkage
    • Project: “Developing a Controller for an Electric Motorcycle Driven by a Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Motor”
    • Advisor: Dr. Shaahin Filizadeh

  • 3rd Place Award
    • Students: Shan Dickson and Matthew McQuaker
    • Project: “ALFRED: Autonomous Logic Fulfillment for the Replenishment of Ethanol-based Drinks”
    • Advisor: Dr. Derek Oliver