Technical Co-Sponsorship


The Tunisian Chapter of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) encourages organizers of conferences to take advantage of its Technical co-sponsorship for the success of your plans and activities.


  1. The IEEE RAS Tunisia chapter assists the Conference with publicity. Furthermore, the announcement will be added in the chapter website.
  2. The IEEE RAS Tunisia chapter encourages its members to submit papers and to attend the Event.
  3. The IEEE RAS Tunisia chapter participates in the program committee of the conference and ensure a good quality of accepted papers.
  4. The IEEE RAS Tunisia chapter helps the conference to obtain the technical co-sponsoring of the RA Society in order to have more publicity around the world and to publish articles within IEEE Xplore.



  • The technical co-sponsorship request should be submitted by the event organizers before a minimum of 6 months.
  • The technical co-sponsorship indicates direct and substantial involvement by RAS Tunisia Chapter solely in the technical program.
  • The event organizers should invite the executive committee members and other RAS members (IEEE Member grade or higher-grade) to participate in the technical program committee.
  • The event organizers should allow the executive committee members of the chapter (IEEE Member grade or higher-grade) access to the submitted papers and review comments.
  • The RAS Tunisia Chapter has no financial involvement in the conference.
  • The Event organizers have to display the IEEE RAS Tunisia Chapter logo in all event publications and announcements, as defined within the IEEE policy. The logo needs to be placed in location reserved for “Technical Co-Sponsors”.
  • The event organizers have to include reduce registration fees for IEEE members.
  • If the conference has no sponsoring or co-sponsoring IEEE entity, then the IEEE name cannot be used in the conference title.
  • If these requirements are not met in good time, the chapter may cancel its technical co-sponsorship (before or after the conference) and inform the IEEE conference publication services to cancel the signed MOU. In this case, the event organizers should remove the chapter logo and the IEEE logo if no other IEEE entities are involved with the conference.


A request should be submitted using the following form. Upon receipt of a request for Technical Co-Sponsorship and the required documents, the executive committee of the chapter will consider and evaluate the request and decide on preliminary approval.

The final approval of the chapter will be on the IEEE website. The event organizers should submit the conference application form <link>.

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