IEEE-RIT has various chapters under it which are working continuously together in bringing up the technical standards of the students of Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

  • RoboRIT, the robotics club of IEEE-RIT aims to provide ample opportunities for the students of RIT in developing their skills in embedded systems and Robotics. See more about RoboRIT at here.
  • WIE, Women in Engineering Affinity group of IEEE-RIT is dedicated to promoting the participation of Women, inspire girls to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering. See more about WIE at here.
  • PES, the Power and Energy Society provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest technological developments in the electrical power industry. See more about PES here.
  • EMBS, the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society is a group of biomedical engineers who are dedicated towards the sustainable health through innovative Technology. See more about EMBS at here.
  • CIS, the Computational Intelligence Society group of IEEE-RIT, is currently a group of Information Science Engineers providing the platform to follow tech-talks, latest IT trends, IEEE competitions, hackathons and much more. See more about CIS here.