Bridge Master


Bridge modelling event description:

Build a miniature bridge model using the provided materials. Give it high strength with aesthetics to
win the prize.

Rules on event:

1. Each team should have atmost 4 number of participants.
2. Use of mobile phone during the event is prohibited.
3. Participants are not allowed to be in contact with any other teams or any non-participants
during the event.
4. Participants have to build the bridge using only the materials that has been provided to
them. No extra material will be allowed.
5. No beams or columns of the bridge should have more than 3 sticks pasted together at any
cross section. I.e.: More than three overlapping are not allowed. However, up to 3 overlaps
are allowed at joints only.
6. The bridge must be able to stand on its own.
7. A continuous roadway is mandatory, as the presence of a continuous roadway may add to
the aesthetics point of the bridge.
8. The time limit is 3 hours.
9. The judging shall be done on the next day and two winners shall be selected.
10. Judges’ decision will be the final decision.
Violation of any of the above given rules on any ground by any team will result in the team being

Materials provided:

1. 250 popsicle sticks
2. One bottle fevicol glue, which can be refilled by asking the volunteers
3. 2 pieces of white paper
Materials recommended to be brought by the participants
1. Stationeries like pencil, scale, eraser, etc.
2. Knife or scissors to cut the Popsicle sticks if required.
3. Clips or rubber band to clip together glued sticks until they set.
1. Clear span = 400mm
2. Total span = 500mm (50mm on each side as abutment length)
3. Total width = 90mm (outer to outer)
4. Total Height = 70mm throughout the clear span (outer to outer)

Testing the bridge:

● Testing shall be done on the 3

rd day of the event . At least one participant from each team

should be present.
● First, the weight and dimensions of the bridge will be measured and its dimensional accuracy
will be evaluated.
● Then, aesthetics of the bridge will be evaluated.
● The bridge will be placed between two platforms spaced at 400mm with abutments on the
table. Then, the load will be applied through a rope connected at the centre of the bridge.
The bridge will be loaded till failure and the failure load will be noted.

Judging criteria:

1. Dimensional accuracy.
2. Performance: Point load carried per unit original weight of the structure.
3. Aesthetics: how well the joints are connected, how smooth the bridge deck is and how well
the bridge looks overall.

Date : March 7th

Time : 1-4 pm

Venue : LHC Basement

Cost : Rs 150

Contact :