The IEEE Task Force (TF) on Open Data Sets makes power and energy related data sets available whenever confidentiality and data property issues do not prevent their public use.

These data are intended to be used by researchers and other professionals working in power and energy related areas and requiring data for design, development, test, and validation purposes. These data should not be used for commercial purposes.

Consult, Use, Contribute, and Disseminate the Initiative of providing power system professionals with Public Data Sets

These data sets can be used in research and development activities and the obtained results can be published in scientific publications.

Please send us your comments about the data sets and feedback on the use you’re making of them. If you use any of these data sets in your scientific publications, please don’t forget to make a reference to this web page (helping us to disseminate the initiative) and to the respective references (registered in the “sources” column of the data sets table).

We also kindly ask you to inform us about your publications that use any of these data sets so that we also include them in the dataset reference list.

Please check our Call for Open Data Sets.