Intelligent Data Mining and Analysis (IDMA) WG Meeting

Chair: Zita Vale, Polytechnic of Porto,

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The Intelligent Data Mining and Analysis is an advanced technology in information processing to extract rules and knowledge from large databases systematically and analyze the nonlinear relationship between input and output variables in complex problems or phenomena. Data mining is a mature application in other areas like marketing. It is however relatively recent that the power industry has shown an interest in these techniques. Deep learning, another current hot topic is addressed in this WG.


The activities for the TF include the organization of pane sessions, paper sessions, tutorials, review of industry practices, and review of the state of the art.

Consult, Use, Contribute, and Disseminate the Initiative of providing power system professionals with Public Data Sets

The IEEE Working Group (WG) on Intelligent Data Mining and Analysis makes power and energy-related data sets available whenever confidentiality and data property issues do not prevent their public use.
These data are intended to be used by researchers and other professionals working in power and energy-related areas and requiring data for design, development, test, and validation purposes. These data should not be used for commercial purposes.

The public data sets are permanently available at

Dissemination of this initiative is taking place so that the number and diversity of the published data sets increase over time and can be used as a valuable public resource for R&D activities. Your contribution to this initiative can be very important. Please disseminate and contribute; use our contact points (; to have all the data that can be made public published on the website.

Please check our Call for Open Data Sets.


Zita A. Vale,
Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal


Qiuha Huang,
Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL)


Pedro Faria,
Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

Management group

Tiago Pinto,
Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal

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