22 Jan

Boston’s Best Seafood Restaurant

Island Creek Oyster Bar


Island Creek Oyster Bar is my favorite restaurant in Boston. It is located in Kenmore Square near Fenway Park. They have an amazing farm-fresh raw bar but also some of the best seafood around. Their menu changes daily and I have never had a seafood dish I did not like.  The fish is always perfectly cooked so I usually choose my dish based on what the fish is paired with.   They do also have steak, lobster rolls, chicken, and sometimes a pasta dish in case someone in your group does not love fish.

To get in here you need to make a reservation early (over a month or two before your trip) or arrive and put your name in and expect to wait about an hour. If you put your name in they will take your cell number and you can go next door to Hawthorne for a cocktail. I recommend the Roscoe Pound which is a mix of bourbon, honey, and ginger. It is delicious and not too strong. Every person that I have taken to Island Creek and Hawthorne has loved their food and also loved the Roscoe Pound!