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  Chair: Michael Isnardi

  Vice Chair: Roger Ding

 Note from July 21, 2021

An upcoming IEEE project to train Amateur Radio Operators (information also at:

 <> )

The IEEE PCJS Broadcast Technology Chapter recently received a very generous grant that is intended to provide mentoring, proactive intervention, and inclusivity to help expand Ham Radio’s outreach.  The ambitious goals of the 2-year Make Operating Radio Easier (MORE) Project are: to train and license 500 new U.S. Radio Amateurs, with 50% non-male and 60% between ages 12-18; to encourage understanding of digital and analog aspects of radio communication through hands-on activities and explorations, including Software Defined Radio (SDR); and to help these new Hams learn basic communications protocols by observing and participating in HF and VHF operations.

The formal description of the MORE Project can be found here:

Look for follow-up e-notices on how to apply to be trained to be a Ham Radio operator.

See below for the further information on how to sign up for the Ham license training:


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