Executive Committee

Chair Deepak Kataria dkinnovate77 at gmail.com
Vice Chair  David Soll dsoll at omicron.com
Treasurer Roger Ding ding at ieee.org
Secretary Michael Wu ctm.wu at rutgers.edu
AP/ED/MTT Chapter Chair Al Katz
   Vice Chair Chung-Tse Michael Wu
BT (BT02) Chapter Chair Joe Stack
   Vice Chair Michael Isnardi
Computer Society (C16) Chapter Chair Rebecca Mercuri
Computer Society Vice Chair Edward Levinson
CAS (CAS04) Circuits and Systems Chapter Chair Zoran Gajic
   CAS Vice Chair  Position Not Filled
CE/COM (CE08/COM19) Chapter Chair Ashutosh Dutta
   Vice Chair Deepak Kataria
   Vice Chair – Com Soc Position Not Filled
EMB (EMB18) Chapter Chair John Li
   EMB Co-Vice Chair Wenyu Wei
   EMB Co-Vice Chair Brett F. BuSha
Photonics (PHO36, formerly Lasers and Electro-Optics, LEOS) Chapter Chair Wei Jiang
Vice Chair Position Not Filled
PE (PE31) Chapter Chair Position Not Filled
Vice Chair Position Not Filled
Robotics & Aut. (RA24) Chapter Chair Iwan Santoso
   Vice Chair Chao-Ying Wang
Education Society (E25) Chapter Chair Ashutosh Dutta
   Vice Chair Sam  Adhikari
SP (SP01) Signal Processing Chapter Chair Jerry Bellott
   SP Vice Chair Yahia Tachwali
Solid-State Circuits Society (SSC37) Chapter Chair Nagi Naganathan
    SSC Vice Chair Shubha Bommalingaiahnapallya


Professional/Career Activities (PACE) Co-Chair

Hemant Vora
PACE Co-Chair Iwan Santoso
Employment Network Position Not Filled
YOUNG PROFESSIONAL (GD10329) Chair, Formally GOLD Katalin Frolio
  Vice-Chair, Formally GOLD  Position Not Filled
Consultant Network Affinity Group (CN10329) Group Chair Joseph Levy
CN Vice Chair  Position Not Filled
Life Members Affinity Group Chair Joe Jesson
Life Members Affinity Group Vice Chair Andrzej Zawadzki
Women in Engineering Affinity Group (WE10329) Chair Forough Ghahramani
WIE Vice Chair Position Not Filled


Awards & Recognition Habib Ahson
Electronic  Communications Chair Position Not Filled
Webmaster Francis X. O’Connell
Newsletter Team – Chief Editor
Newsletter Team – Editor
Membership Development Roger Ding
   Vice Chair Membership Development
Chair/Metsac Representative
Chapter Coordinator Elias Kpodzo
Educational Activities Sam  Adhikari
Student Chapter Coordinator
Former Student Chapter Coordinator Katalin Frolio
Industrial Liaison Chair
PCJS’s Conference & Student Seminars Coordinator
Nominations Committee Co-Chair David Soll, dsoll at omicron.com
Nominations Committee Co-Chair Joe Stack
Section Auditor
Section Auditor Position Not Filled
Section Auditor Position Not Filled
Historian Frank O’Brien
Historian Rebecca Mercuri
Historian Alex Magoun