MSS Souvenir (2010-2020)

As a part of the celebrations of completing a decade of eventful journey, IEEE MSS has released a Souvenir. We are thankful to the editorial team for their sincere efforts and dedication to consolidate a detailed insight about MSS journey in the past decade

Editorial Team:

Mr. Shone Jose  & Mr. Sreeram M.    (Chief editors)

Ms. Atheena MR (CEV)  & Mr. Athul Raj V (GECKKD) (student editors)


Mr. Abdul Majid (MESCE)
Mr. Amal Abdul Azeez (MESCE)
Ms. Anamika Pisharody (GECKKD)
Mr. Anirudh S Rajeev (SIMAT) 
Mr. Aswin M (GEC.Palakkad) 
Ms. Devika KM (NSSCE)
Ms. Hiba Aydeed (MESCE) 
Ms. Meghna K (CE Tkr) 
Ms. Mehnaz PP (GCEK) 
Mr. Muhammed Mushrraf (MEA)
Mr. Nihal Imtiaz (NSSCE)
Mr. Rakesh MR (NSSCE)
Ms. Shahla K (CEV)
Ms. Sneha Kadagot (GCEK)

Get it here!

Get it here!

About the Author

Gopakumar Pathirikkat
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering Department National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala