Social Media Compliance

IEEE social media compliance is driven through the respective social media platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms have their own privacy policies and/or notices built into them. When content is placed onto any social media platform and engagement occurs on that platform, with either likes, content sharing, comments, etc., these engagements are governed by the privacy policy and practices of the social media provider.

All discussions on social media must remain on the respective social media platforms in order to be considered compliant

Aggregated and anonymized information (such as demographic information) for press releases, etc. can be used as long as information, from analytics, does not tie back to a particular person’s personal data including, but not limited to, their IP address.

You can find IEEE social media policy practices on


Contests: If you are running a contest, you must use the IEEE  Generic Contest Terms & Conditions template.  When conducting a contest you need to have two boxes: one for the contest rules including any applicable terms and conditions and a second for the IEEE Privacy Policy.  Download the IEEE  Generic Contest Terms & Conditions (DOCX, 18 KB) or IEEE  Generic Contest Terms & Conditions (PDF, 27KB)