Bulk Upload

The IEEE Consent Bulk Upload Tool provides a method to upload consent data to the IEEE Consent Management System (CMS) for systems not connected to the IEEE CMS.  This mainly occurs during an event or activity where participants are required to accept an IEEE policy or Terms and Conditions during registration and the event registration system is provided by a third party.

The CMS provides IEEE with a centralized repository of consent captured across all IEEE systems and processes to help ensure compliance to data privacy regulations.  IEEE must have an effective audit trail of how and when consent was given so we can demonstrate compliance in line with data privacy regulations as well as provide evidence of an individual’s consent if challenged. The term “Consent” in this context means acceptance of the IEEE Privacy Policy, and/or Agreement to Event or other Terms and Conditions, and/or consent to one or more OU-level marketing subscriptions.

To use the bulk load utility, please contact the IEEE data governance team at ieeedata@ieee.org