R909 (Cono Sur Council)Type: CouncilURL:
R9 (Latin America - Region 9)Type: RegionURL:
CH09421 (Chile Section Joint Chapter,CAS04/SSC37/ED15)Type: Joint Chapter
LM90903 (Chile Section Affinity Group,LM)Type: Affinity
CH09364 (Chile Section Chapter, SMC28)Type: Chapter
CH09004 (Chile Section Chapter, C16)Type: ChapterURL:
YP90903 (Chile Section Affinity Group,YP)Type: AffinityURL:
CH09003 (Chile Section Chapter, PEL35)Type: Chapter
CH09346 (Chile Section Chapter,E25)Type: Chapter
CH09005 (Chile Section Chapter, PE31)Type: ChapterURL:
CH09319 (Chile/Chile Sur Jt Section Chapter,CIS11)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
CH09059 (Chile Section Chapter, COM19)Type: ChapterURL:
CH09054 (Chile Section Chapter, CS23)Type: Chapter
CH09363 (Chile Section Chapter, RA24)Type: ChapterURL:
CH09453 (Chile Section Chapter,SP01)Type: ChapterURL:
STB11521 (Universidad Adolfo Ibanez)Type: Student Branch
STB29371 (Universidad de Tarapaca)Type: Student Branch
STB04831 (University of Concepcion)Type: Student Branch
SBC2161B (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Valparaiso, PEL35)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC2062A (University of Magallanes,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB92021 (Universidad de Santiago)Type: Student BranchURL:
SBC2161A (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Valparaiso, MTT17)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC2161C (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Valparaiso, PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC04321 (Federico Santa Maria Technical University,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB20621 (University of Magallanes)Type: Student Branch
SBC2161D (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Valparaiso, CAS04)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC2062B (University of Magallanes,CAS04)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB09191 (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)Type: Student Branch
STB28261 (Universidad de Antofagasta)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB11791 (Universidad De Chile)Type: Student BranchURL:
SBC21611 (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Valparaiso, C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC04831 (University of Concepcion,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB04321 (Federico Santa Maria Technical University)Type: Student Branch
STB21611 (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso)Type: Student BranchURL:
SBC20621 (University of Magallanes,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB01991 (Universidad Technologica Metropolitana)Type: Student Branch
STB06771 (Universidad Diego Portales)Type: Student Branch
CH09471 (Chile Sur/Chile Jt. Sections Chapter,GRS29)Type: ChapterURL:
STB64627 (Universidad de Valparaiso)Type: Student Branch
R9090302 (Chile Norte Subsection)Type: Sub-section
R9090303 (Chile Costa Subsection)Type: Sub-section
CH09484 (Chile Section Chapter,MAG33)Type: Chapter
STB10224 (Universidad Andres Bello)Type: Student Branch
SIGHT011 (IEEE SIGHT Chile Section)Type: Affinity
WE90903 (Chile Section Affinity Group,WIE)Type: Affinity
CH09505 (Chile Section Chapter,EMB18)Type: Chapter
CN90903 (Chile Section Affinity Group,CN)Type: Affinity
STB41581008 (Universidad Mayor)Type: Student Branch
CH09509 (Chile Section Chapter,IE13/IA34)Type: Chapter
STB60209602 (Universidad San Sebastian)Type: Student Branch
CH09532 (Chile Section Chapter,AP03/MTT17)Type: Joint Chapter
SBC04321A (Federico Santa Maria Tech Univ,CAS04/SSC37/ED15)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC04831A (University of Concepcion,EMB18)Type: Student Branch ChapterURL:
SBA04831 (University of Concepcion,WIE)Type: Affinity
SBC04831B (University of Concepcion,RA24)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC04831C (University of Concepcion,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA06771 (Universidad Diego Portales, WIE)Type: Affinity
SBC06771A (Universidad Diego Portales, C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA06771S (Universidad Diego Portales IEEE SIGHT)Type: Affinity
SBC06771B (Universidad Diego Portales,COM19)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC64627 (Universidad de Valparaiso,EMB18)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC64627A (Universidad de Valparaiso,CIS11)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA11791 (Universidad De Chile,WIE)Type: Affinity
SBC11791A (Universidad De Chile,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC11791B (Universidad De Chile,IA34)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC11791C (Universidad De Chile,RA24)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA11791S (Universidad de Chile,SIGHT)Type: Affinity
SBC11791D (Universidad De Chile,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC091911 (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Chile, PE31/PEL35)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC09191A (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CAS04)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA09191S (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile,SIGHT)Type: Affinity
SBC09191B (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile,OE22)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC09191C (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Chile,SSC37/ED15)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC09191D (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile,EMB18)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA92021 (Universidad de Santiago,WIE)Type: Affinity
SBA92021S (Universidad de Santiago,SIGHT)Type: Affinity
SBC92021 (Universidad de Santiago,C16/COM19)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC92021A (Universidad de Santiago,PHO36)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC28261 (Universidad de Antofagasta,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC28261A (Universidad de Antofagasta,RA24)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC21611E (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Valparaiso, CIS11)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA21611 (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso,WIE)Type: Affinity
SBA21611S (Pontificia Univ Catolica de Valparaiso,SIGHT)Type: Affinity
SBC10224 (Universidad Andres Bello,RA24,CIS11,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC60209602 (Universidad San Sebastian,COM19,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter