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IEEE Membership Perks Provided By the Boise Section


Kickstand is a Boise organization whose mission is to connect, inspire, and support all entrepreneurs. Kickstand members Connect with each other on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Special guest speakers are invited to Inspire all of us. Kickstand Board members and Organization members are there to Support each other, help with business issues, offer resources available in the Boise Area and help you grow your business.

The IEEE Boise Section is sponsoring free admission (covering the $10 fee) for our members. If you are entrepreneurial and are looking for help with bringing your business idea to fruition, consider attending the next Kickstand meeting. You must bring your IEEE membership card and present it at check-in to receive the free admission.

Volunteer Resources

IEEE Volunteer Resources page – General resources that pertain to most IEEE volunteer roles, as well as links to other resource collections

IEEE-Boise-Opcomm Google Group – Discussion group for the chairs and committee members of IEEE Boise Section OpComm

Nuxlabs site – recordings from IEEE Recorded Meetings Initiative

Meeting Recordings – Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

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